They’re out to get you!

Unfortunately the way some people and businesses act in this day and age is getting worse. Thess unscrupulous elements are, through scamming and fraudulent means trying to get money from us all.


As they obviously get some success, mainly because the general public are unaware of this form of deception, we have to be always on our guard.


Serva aims to protect their clients by trying to keep these scams at arms length, but some of these still get through to our clients because theb scammers are always trying something new. To help, we have decided to list these scams, inform our clients and help avoid issues down the line, so we hope they help.

Here are the current website scams

Upgrade Your Mailbox

Looks official, plus it’s FREE!

So why wouldn’t you want to upgrade after all it says you’ve almost reached your quota. Here is a sample of the email you would have in your inbox.

Don’t worry the above link isn’t live, but if you were to click the here button there can be all sorts of options from:

  • Initiating a file to download to your system which can hack or track you
  • Accessing your email details and then they can take control of it
  • Actually hijacking your mail and so much more

There are a load of options here but even one of the above is bad news, but thankfully my client contacted me and confirmed it’s authenticity.

What should you do?

  • Don’t click anything, and if you’re a Serva client, contact us
  • It’s important so I’ll say again, don’t click on any links as one click can be enough

Things to Remember

As my mother always says ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch’ So if it looks too good to be true it often is. Yes we always want something cheaper and FREE is great but we have always found there’s a catch.

Your Domain Name is about to Expire

Once again it looks official, but!

No one wants to lose their domain name because you have all your stationery .
Here are some samples of the email you would have in your inbox,
but this one isn’t limited to email, you can receive them in the mail as well.

Here is another version of the same sort of thing

Attn: Domain Owner
As a courtesy to domain name holders, we are sending you this notification for your business Domain name search engine registration. This letter is to inform you that it’s time to send in your registration and save.
Failure to complete your Domain name search engine registration by the expiration date may result in cancellation of this proposal making it difficult for your customers to locate you on the web.
Privatization allows the consumer a choice when registering. Search engine subscription includes domain name search engine submission.
You are under no obligation to pay the amounts stated below unless you accept this proposal. Do not discard, this notice is not an invoice it is a courtesy reminder to register your domain name search engine registration so your customers can locate you on the web.

This Notice will be terminated on April 16, 2018 Act today!
1 year 04/16/2018 – 04/16/2019 $75.00
2 year 04/16/2018 – 04/16/2020 $119.00
5 year 04/16/2018 – 04/16/2023 $199.00
10 year -Most Recommended- 04/16/2018 – 04/16/2028 $295.00
Lifetime (NEW!) Limited time proposal – Great value! Lifetime $499.00

These are really just out to get money from you with some really crazy prices.

What should you do?

  • By mail, simply bin it
  • Via email same, trash it

Things to Remember

As my mother always says ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch’
So if it looks too good to be true it often is. Yes we always want something cheaper and FREE is great but we have always found there’s a catch.
$75 – $86 for a years domain name renewal is robbery because whatever they say that’s all you’re going to be getting.

We can save you big money

Saving money isn’t a bad thing, but …!

These solicitations can come via email or a phone call.

The first thing to address is if they’re call is from American, or are they from out of the US. Now there’s nothing wrong with talking for example, to a guy called Mohammad from India, who claims he can re do your website and save you money., but here are the problems we see with this scenario:

  • In this example of Mohammad, does he understand you and you him
  • If they do this saving for you, will it always be that price or is this an intro offer
  • How reliable are they, will they be here this time next year, let alone two or three years time
  • Will they keep the site up-to-date
  • Can you go and see them in person

These solicitations don’t have to be from out of the US, but to a degree the issues can be similar.

What should you do?

  • Our thoughts are that if from out of the US, wish them a blessed day and hang up
  • Via email bin it and don’t even reply
  • If you don’t know them then think long and hard because to make savings you need to cut corners

Things to Remember

As my mother always says ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch’ So if it looks too good to be true it often is. Yes we always want something cheaper and FREE is great but we have always found there’s a catch. If you’re tempted, talk to us and confirm what you think you’re getting is the same or better so you can make an informed decision.

We need to talk to the owner of the business

Plus they mention the magic word ‘Google’

This solicitation is usually on the phone, but you can get the odd email. The phone call usually states:

  • We need to talk to the owner of the business
  • You’re not being found on Google
  • We can raise your Google ranking

Here is an email version:

Do you want to know why your competitors are showing up over your Website on Google and how you can rank on top to first Place for your keywords?
How important is your Internet marketing or SEO company? Consider these stats:
97% of customer’s research online before buying
92% of customers contact a business immediately after searching
80% of search engine traffic goes to the top 3 organic results
7-to-1 returns on investment for the average SEO campaign
Ranking top on the major search engines will increase your sales

*Our SEO Services Will:*
Get your website ranked top on the search major search engines for your targeted keywords
Dominate your market over competitors
Boost your websites sales
Increase targeted traffic
We are charging very genuine and providing 100% guarantee of results.

Sorry If This Mail Have Been Moved In Spam Folder.
Thanks and Regards,
Online Marketing consultant
(Best team Business)

I’ve let the misspellings and grammar as is,  I think it points to the standard of their services.

What should you do?

  • if you get an automated phone call, saying they need to talk to you, hang up*
  • Bin the email version, but whichever you have, call us and discuss any questions or concerns you may have and we can confirm everything for you

Things to Remember

  1. *We recommend that you hang up on the phone, because there are a very large number of companies out there that are NOTHING to do with Google nd they imply that if you don’t talk to them you won’t be listed – FALSE
  2. They state that you’re not being found on Google – then HOW did they find you
  3. Even Serva gets these calls and emails. When I hang on for the call needing to talk to the owner, they get my details and hang up because they know I know.
You're using images you don't have rights to use

Contact from a stock image company!

These extortion communications & solicitations mention the following:

  • You’re using images that you don’t have permission to use
  • Even if you remove the images you’re still liable to costs
  • Settle up or our attorneys will take you to court

If a STOCK IMAGE company contact you via any of the options, phone, email and mail, first of all know that Serva ONLY uses/purchases photographic images it has permission to use, via a number of reputable photo stock image sites. Unfortunately there are some companies that send out extortion mail. The reason why we call them extortion is because they are just that, here’s why: When you buy the copyright for use an image/s depending on the company and type of imge you’ll pay on average anything from $4.00 each through $50.00. The extortion companys make demands usually starting at $1200.00 and go up from there!

What should you do?

  • Don’t panic, if you’re a Serva client, contact us, we’ll try and help
  • These companies do make mistakes, and are rather a rule under themselves

Things to Remember

It has been known, unfortunately too often, that these extortion companies go after people and businesses that are using their own photographs in fact it happened locally only last year.  “The question is not what the owner would have charged, but rather what is the fair market value.” Davis v. Gap, Inc., 246 F.3d 152 (2d Cir. N.Y. 2001). We would suggest finding about a dozen images that are substantially similar to the one in question. Averaging their prices will provide a reasonable fair market value, FMV. This isn’t a legal standard but it will be enough for a letter to the company. Make a list of the images, with their prices and links, so they can see for themselves that the infringing image is unremarkable and easily replaced. Examples of a list item might be: iStockphoto: “horse in field” (available on iStockphoto for 3 credits or $6.00), this way you could make an offer after taking the image down first of course. The fact that you have to go to these lengths is crazy but so is their way of doing business.  

Payment Recieved

An email saying you have been paid via PayPal

Looks good, but in the original file you just don’t click the blue ID number or the blue Get transaction details, see below:

Problem is these links DON’T go to PayPal!
Plus PayPal know your name and don’t say just Good day,

What should you do?

Bin it and don’t get curious.


PLUS, don’t forget these, not really web more email

You get an email in from someones email you know.
No subject line and often to a list of others.
The emails simply says:

Fred Smith (your friends name)


Hi Jim (your name) thought you might like this http://treat, Fred Smith (your friends name)



Getting an email saying they’re trying to deliver something, or even questioning something about a file, order or delivery scheduled. The bottom line is you know these are nothing to do with you but guess what, you’ll never believe the number of people that open it just being nosey – then you know what happens!


Scams you may have seen

A number of our clients will be aware that these type of scams are out there because they have been contacted before. Every area of our lives are venerable, and a number of you will have heard these:

  • Getting an automated phone call from the IRS – who need to talk to you urgently before the local sheriff’s department come round and arrest you
  • Receiving an email from a desperate person stranded in a foreign country needing some cash to be wired to them so they can get home
  • A phone call telling you that you have won a Publishers Clearing House prize, all you have to do is pay the tax
  • Lastly the classic which is still out there after years, and people falling for it, The Nigerian or Ugandan who has about $15 million in funds stuck in their country and they have chosen you to help them get it out of the country.

Well these are the day to day scams out there but to the same degree, there are a number that are directly linked to the Internet and your websites in general.


When contacted out of the blue, telling you

it’s FREE,

it’ll save you a load of money,

or if you don’t do it you’ll …


If it sounds too good to be true