Serva provide inspired
website design

& then we can maintain the site leaving you time to do what you do best … &  that’s manage your business

services include

Creative Website Design
Logo Design
Social networks
Website Hosting
Website security & SSL’s
Email & Networking

Serva can create your website & it takes just 3 simple steps

We’ll Assess the needs of your company & Make a Plan

Serva create your site & become an off sight part of your team

Once completed Serva Launch & can promote the new website

No Project Too Big or Too Small

We know your business needs to make money & grow
Problem is, so does your competition!

Promoting a business takes time, money & effort to get it right, every business knows this.
That’s why Serva is here to assist you before your competition does the same.
Lets get Started

With Serva looking after your website and promotion, it leaves you to manage your business.
Delegation is the answer to business growth, let Serva assist you and make the first step.

Years since Established

Different Services offered

We’ve Been Providing Graphic Design & Website Design
for over 20 Years

Due to our diversity having carried out work for all sizes of business, we can adapt to your particular requirements. We enjoy the richness of design and welcome your business, whatever size, product or service you offer and want to promote.

You’ll see from our extensive list of website samples, that we’re true to our word, and that we can create a comprehensive mobile compatible website that not only meets your needs but exceeds them.

With our years of experience, it means that you can develop your business in the ever growing internet client base to improve your sales targets. As you’ll see, we can produce a website that appeals to a particular audience or genre, and more importantly your budget.

Talk to Serva Website design today and see how we can make the internet work for you.

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I tried to make a site myself – big mistake! Serva just rocks and I would recommend them to anyone.

Rusty Sears

Owner, lmquail.com

Their customer service is excellent and always responded in a timely manner.

Carlos Jamie

Director of Information Technology, City of Waycross

Serva has great ideas, and their creative website design is wonderful, I just love it – love it – love it.

Polly Wilson

Owner, moonchaserhealth.com