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Website Design
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Website Design
Website Design

If you try creating a website to promote your business, plus put in all the seo so that it can be found on the internet takes time.

Problem is, while you try and get your website to do all of this, it drains valuable time away from your business and its potential growth. This is where serva creative website design, marketing and seo can come to your assistance to get your website right first time.

The creative website design you need is just
3 simple steps away

creative website design

We Assess the needs for your company’s site & Make a Plan

creative website design

Working Closely
with your company we Create the site

creative website design

Once completed we Launch and Promote the New Site

We know your business needs to make money & grow

Problem is, so does your competition!
Promoting a business takes time, money & effort to get it right, every business knows this.
That’s why serva is here to assist you before your competition does the same.

Lets get STEP ONE started

With serva looking after your website and promotion, it leaves you to manage your business.
Delegation is the answer to business growth, let serva assist you and make the first step. 


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I tried to make a site myself – big mistake! serva just rocks and I would recommend them to anyone.

Rusty Sears

Owner, lmquail.com

Their customer service is excellent and always responded in a timely manner.

Carlos Jamie

Director of Information Technology, City of Waycross

serva has great ideas, and their creative website design is wonderful, I just love it – love it – love it.

Polly Wilson

Owner, moonchaserhealth.com