Lately Serva hasĀ been asked if we offer logo design

Of course we do, in fact we were doing logo design years before websites, so if you need to tie that new website in with a new logo design we can do that as well.

So do you need a custom, professional logo that’s unique to your business?
We can design one for you in just a few days! A well designed, professional logo is crucial for establishing a successful business. At first glance, an effective logo should be clear, strong, and convey to potential customers the essentials of your business, as well as leave a lasting impact. When we create a new logo design we consider everything, what do we mean? well …

  • Will it be readable when really small
  • Does it clearly say what the company does
  • Are the colors and fonts right for this business
  • Will it work on all media, from business cards to T shirts to billboards
  • Is it overly busy
  • Is it memorable
  • Does it work in black and white
  • Is it too similar to the clients competition
  • Is the original resolution big enough to display clearly

These are just a few of the areas we look at in the creation of a new logo design, I think you’ll agree it’s not just a matter of sticking a name on a piece of paper and calling it down.

Take a look at some of the logo designs we’ve created below.

Below are samples
of recent logo designs created for our clients

Together we can work as a winning team.

Let's work on your next project