We have a website for that – use serva

serva has a website for that

Due to the diversity of serva website design, it’s often easier to show similar website categories together, such as the Governmental, Municipal, Chamber of Commerce, Authorities & Community websites.

When these clients contact us regarding a new website project we obviously show them samples from our diverse portfolio. Problem is we may have a wonderful restaurant website that we’ve designed, but these clients like to see samples of similar websites to their own needs and requirements.

So that’s why we have different websites,
all you do is choose the one you need


This particular serva website deals exclusively with website design for sites such as Governmental, Municipal, Chamber of Commerce, Authorities & Community websites


This particular serva website deals with smaller starter websites, for new business ventures and includes monthly payments rather than a larger outlay of capital.


This particular serva website offers links to the small business and custom websites, but includes SEO and website copywriting services etc. for the southeast GA market.


Well, you’re here and if you’re looking for custom website design and the best overall website you can get inc SEO, mobile compatibility you’re in the right place.

however you look at it … look your best with serva

Together we can work as a winning team.

Lets work on your next project