What’s a Mobile Compatible website?

Most peoples reaction when asked “is their website mobile compatible?” is yes. What they actually mean is that their website can be seen on a mobile device, such as a phone, but it’s not mobile. Take a look at the Mill Inn image above with all the different results you’ll get depending on the device and even the orientation you use. Check it out for yourself, if you want to, just click the image. A new Serva website will auto detect what device you’re using to view it and then give you the very best viewing experience by rearranging the site for you.  

These BEFORE & AFTER mobile sites below will show you the difference a new Serva auto detect site can offer you.

We’re sure you can see just from these few samples, how a website that is made to be mobile compatible is a real ‘must have’ in todays mobile technology.

Even at this size the mobile compatible site to the right of the original site is so much easier to read as through our behind the scenes code it detects the device you’re using to re arrange the content so that it’s clearer and easier to read and navigate.

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The difference in mobile compatibility or auto responsive websites